Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dragon Year Month of June Bazi Chart 壬辰年六月八字

Dragon Year Month of June Bazi Chart

The Month of June Bazi Chart is based on 5 June 2012 at 1443 hrs.See chart below:

5th June to 7th July under the Chinese 24 sub-seasons, it is the season of 'mangzhong'芒种, grain in earth. In the main 4 seasons,this is the Mid-Summer month, it is the hottest of the summer.See month pillar chart:

The heavenly stem of Yang Fire (+Fire) Bing 丙 and the early branch of Yang Fire (+Fire) Wu 午 formed the month pillar. The whole pillar are Yang Fires, it indicates very strong fire month. Personnel who Bazi do not favour fire, will be in the bad luck for the month. The only way to encounter it is to take a morning shower,eat fish porridge and drink soya bean drink. Avoid chili,smoking and alcohol. Listen to the flow of rain forest music and sound of flowing water.


What really show up in this bazi are fire and water. The water is weak. There are earth and metal, which are the favorable elements to a strong fire month.

Strong fire indicates happiness and joy. There are 2 Yang Fires and 2 Yin Fires in the chart; the self element is Yin Fire Ding 丁, and surrounded by Yang Fire at the month and Yin Fire at the hour. Fire to the self element is friends and competitors. There is indication that people will gather for happiness and joyous occasions.

The unfavorable elements are fire and wood.If fire is unfavorable, it means that industries related to fire and wood will not be doing well.

Wish everyone enjoy the month of June. Cheers!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dragon Year Month of March Bazi Chart 壬辰年三月份八字

The four pillar of destiny for Dragon Year Month of March Bazi Chart is based on 5th Mar, at 1228 hrs. See chart below:

march bazi yin wood

In the 24 Sub-Seasons,5th March 2012 is the "awakening" sub-seasons. It is the second month of the Solar Calender. In the Chinese calendar, each month is represented by a zodiac and is know as Earthly Branch (EB). Tiger is the zodiac for the first month and follow by Rabbit in the second month. All in all there are 12 months in a calender year, the 12 zodiacs fit exactly into the 12 months and know as earthly branch. Each month there is a Heavenly Stem (HS) represent the Heaven.Therefore, each month with the Heavenly Stem and an Earthy Branch, we called it a Pillar. A pillar is formed by a Heavenly Stem and an Earthly Branch. See this month pillar:
yin wood vs yin water bazi pillar

Yin Water (癸) is the HS and Yin Wood (卯) is the EB. We just bid farewell to rabbit year and now we are in the Rabbit month. According to the 5 elements, water and wood are in the birth cycle; water give birth to wood. The first 3 months of the calender is the Spring season. Spring is represented by wood. According to the pillar elements, it is a harmony combination. The month from 5th Mar to 4 Apr 2012 is a harmonies month.


Metal is missing from the chart. The day master is Yin Wood (乙). Metal is Authority to the Wood element. It is also represent discipline. What will happen when there is no discipline. Thing will go out of control. Everyone will do thing without control.

There is abundant of water in this chart, water is unfavorable; like the year chart, water is unfavorable. In Spring, water is strong, to the day master Yin Wood, the support of strong water and wood, contribute to the Strong Day Master.

The favorable element is fire and earth. Entertainment and building industries will do well.